Inflation and its Impact on Portfolios

Until recently, inflation has been seemingly non-existent. Between 2008 and the beginning of 2021, inflation had increased by approximately 1.6% per year. Fast forward to today — a basket of goods and services as measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI) has risen by over 5% each month since May 2021.

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Winter 2021 : Convertible Investor

“Why Wellesley’s Convertible Bond Strategy Now?”, “Wellesley Asset Management’s Investment Process: The Three Legs of the Stool”, “The Traditional 60/40 Portfolio is DEAD”,  and “Got the Need for Income in Retirement.”

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Why Convertible Bonds

Convertibles are a unique asset class that is often overlooked by many investors. They can offer the best of both worlds, combining desirable features of both stocks and bonds.

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Fall 2020 : Convertible Investor

Do You Know What’s in Your Index Fund?”,  “The “Anti-Quality” Factor Exposure”, “Where to Put Your Next Dollar”, “Why Companies Issue Convertible Bonds”, and “Convertible Bond Investing: Don’t Try This at Home.”

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Private Partnership

Wellesley offers a leveraged convertible bond strategy available through a private placement for accredited investors and qualified clients only.

For more information please contact us at 781-416-4000 or e-mail

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