Bull, Bear and Upside-Down Markets

An informative historical review of bull and bear markets leading up to the present state of our global economy

WAM July 2019 Advisor Commentary

Stock and bond market commentary from the Portfolio Managers of the Wellesley convertible bond strategy

Convertible Bonds as an “Equity Replacement Strategy”

This piece discusses how implementing a convertible bond strategy as an “equity replacement” can allow investors to stay long the market while potentially enhancing downside protection.

Not All Bonds Are Created Equal

Explore how convertible bonds may mitigate interest rate risk in a fixed income portfolio during rising rate environments

Lessons from “the Lost Decade”

This piece looks back at the two stock market downturns from 2000-2009 and how investing in convertible bonds could have produced meaningful returns over that same time period

“Alternative” Investments for Retail Clients

Learn how investors can utilize convertible bonds in a diversified portfolio to achieve the same outcomes that traditional alternative investments have historically provided.